Colours and Flavours – Tasting Dinner

2020-01-24  |  19-00

Fashion expert MARIJA PALAIKYTĖ will conduct a unique therapy of colours and flavours at a la carte MOON restaurant of VYTAUTAS MINERAL SPA on 24 January at 7 p.m. during the Colours and Flavours tasting dinner prepared by chef DARIUS DABROVOLSKAS and inspired by the exhibition of paintings by GINTARĖ ALBRECHTAITĖ-LINGIENĖ.

What will we hear? What will we see? What will we taste?

The three-course dinner by chef Darius Dabrovolskas, which includes an appetizer and main course with an aperitif and a dessert, inspired by the jewellery paintings of Gintare Albrechtaitė-Lingienė, will take place in the cosy environment of Moon restaurant at Vytautas Mineral SPA. That night, the minimalist space of the restaurant will be decorated with colourful paintings.

Gintarė Albrechtaitė-Lingienė, a fashion expert and painter depicting current events in bright colours and bold strokes, offers a different – playful – approach to daily routines in her exhibition, capturing the brightest, most beautiful colours of the environment with a naïve, childish gaze. The artist presents a visual spa – a relaxing ritual for the eyes, thoughts and soul through the observation and analysis of the dynamics of shapes, compositions, and shades in paintings. Albrechtaitė-Lingienė believes that studying detailed abstractions lets our minds rest and that our eyes, accustomed to the cold season’s grey shades, are enlivened with bright colours, so emotions become uplifting and positive.

So, believing that during the monochromatic winter, colours work like therapy, at the Colours and Flavours tasting dinner conducted by fashion expert Marija Palaikytė, we will discuss how colours are not just a matter of taste; colours in fashion, history, and culture are as diverse as their spectrum. Why do we like one colour and do not another? How is the perception of colours influenced by gender, age, and cultural background? What do your favourite shades say about your personality? Can we believe in colour astrology? Can colours be trendy or not trendy? How do we match colours, ‘domesticate’ them, and stimulate our environment and mood?

Colourful Flavours and Colourful Conversations – at MOON restaurant of VYTAUTAS MINERAL SPA on 24 January 24 at 7 p.m.

Price per person is 39 euros.

Reservations at [email protected] 

The number of seats is limited.

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