Talking Portraits Exhibition

2019-06-27  |  18-00

The installation Talking (Hanging) Portraits by photographer Žaneta Paunksnė is an art space where impressive portraits of prominent Lithuanian women combined with an audio-visual storytelling create a captivating performance of images and sounds. The title of the exhibition suggests that portraits that traditionally hang on the wall can begin to talk, thus expanding the boundaries of photography – a static photo is supplemented with images and sounds.

This inventive blend of female portraiture and modern multimedia is looking for an answer to the question about whether something that is beautiful is always just beautiful. It is a test of values and stereotypes. When looking at an impressive portrait of a well-known Lithuanian woman, we instantly make a decision about the inner world of the heroine, but this time we have the freedom to check our judgment. Filmed interviews with the women, which are available on tablets and can be listened to through the headphones next to the portraits, may confirm the first impression, or on the contrary, offer a different one.

The author of the project Žaneta Paunksnė, a well-known portrait photographer, doctor of social sciences and promoter of humanist values, fell in love with photography more than a decade ago. During the last five years she bravely and successfully joined the Lithuanian photography elite. A talented master with a unique and distinctive character, she has an outstanding pictorial manner of visual storytelling and a subtle ability to create a piece of work rich in emotion and full of inner power.

Opening of the exhibition – 6 p.m. on 27 June

In the Vytautas Mineral SPA reading room

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