Drinking bottles with mineral stones

2019-02-08  |  13-19

The current global pace of life is very fast and tense, and people do not always have time to take care of their health. Vytautas Mineral SPA understands this, and we want to take care of our guests, even after they leave our facility. We continue to take innovative steps to ensure our guests receive minerals on a daily basis.

Vytautas Mineral SPA is the only facility in the Baltic region to offer drinking bottles with mineral stones to people looking for ways to live healthier. Regular water poured into these bottles is enriched with minerals, which can then easily reach our bodies. Every time you drink water from these bottles, you enrich your body with restoring, toning and balancing minerals from the Sofia source.

Drinking bottles can be purchased at the Vytautas Mineral SPA reception desk and the spa centre.

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