Minerals in your meals every day

2019-02-07  |  11-21

Vytautas Mineral SPA is the only special mineral spa facility in the Baltic region that caters to the needs of modern individuals. Our objective is to create a relaxing environment to help you forget about your daily routine and enrich your body with minerals. This is why the Vytautas Mineral SPA restaurant team, led by Darius Dabrovolskas, a member of the Lithuanian chef team, continues to identify and test new ways of using minerals in the meals served at the restaurant.

The Vytautas Mineral SPA restaurants offer premium-quality food made from carefully selected local products. We marinade, pickle, lyophilise, smoke, dry and cure products in-house. More importantly, Vytautas Mineral SPA’s dishes are prepared using mineralised water, which means that all the food offered to our guests is rich in healthy minerals. Furthermore, our table water is mineralised and is therefore served without lemon or other additional ingredients that may interfere with the mineral absorption process.

No matter what type of leisure activity you opt for at Vytautas Mineral SPA, you can be sure that your body will receive minerals from the Sofia source. These are provided in a variety of ways, and the search for new, innovative means to benefit from these healthy minerals never stops.

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