Vytautas Mineral SPA’s innovate approach to mineral-rich dinners

2019-02-08  |  11-45

We look for ways to enrich our bodies with beneficial minerals on an on-going basis. The work of the Vytautas Mineral SPA team in this regard involves identifying creative innovations based on the analysis of people’s current lifestyles and opportunities to bring more minerals into their lives. MOON, Vytautas Mineral SPA’s premium-quality restaurant, offers mineral-rich dinners once every quarter. These events feature presentations of our latest innovations using minerals. At past events, we have served dishes on mineralised plates to make sure that all food was enriched with minerals. We have also cooked each dish, desserts included, using highly mineralised ingredients.

It is worth noting that minerals are used at each stage of the dinner preparation process: broth is cooked and vegetables are pickled in mineral water; all products are washed in mineral water; and only salt obtained from the Sofia water source is used.

Each of these special dinners surprises and delights guests with new ways of integrating minerals into meals.

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