Guests can evaluate the knowledge acquired by Vytautas Mineral SPA’s beauty therapists from the Facial Massage Specialist program

2020-01-13  |  13-37

Individual facial massages that help relieve various ailments

Lack of sleep, constant stress, an often unbalanced and nutritionally deficient diet, caffeine, alcohol and the pressure of creating an Instagram-worthy life eventually overwhelm even the strongest individual. But even though it takes years to see the health effects of this lifestyle, the skin begins to show signs of suboptimal daily habits extremely quickly. 

A tribute to everyday rush – skin problems

Grey skin, bags under the eyes, rashes, swelling of the face and broken blood vessels are indicative of too much stress and a lack of self-care. The internet is full of tips on how to use clever make-up tricks to hide facial imperfections. But is it really worth hiding the effects of stress, fatigue and an unhealthy lifestyle on a daily basis? 

Expensive face creams, masks, serums and other facial treatments may be successful, but they provide a short-term effect if not used in a comprehensive way. The logical answer is to eliminate causes, not consequences, but it is a long journey that requires patience, and these days we are used to instant gratification with minimal effort. This is where our certified specialists come to the rescue.

Individual facial massages

In order to recognise the client’s problems and customize a massage to their skin health, it is necessary to understand the structure of the skin. However, a medical practitioner must also be familiar with the anatomy of the facial muscles; understand the principles, process and stages of skin aging; and understand the massage techniques that help slow down these processes. 

Roberta, Kornelija, Ieva, Agnė, Vytautas Mineral SPA’s beauty therapist team, have completed the 6-Part Continuous Facial Massage Program at the Ispado Academy of Beauty and Wellness in order to deepen their knowledge and be able to professionally perform procedures that require specialized knowledge. The certified program consists of classical, hemolymphic, deep muscle, individual and neurosedative massage courses, which deepen the therapist’s theoretical and practical knowledge and, of course, are subsequently applied in the spa centre. 

By default, it is clear that professional facial massage specialists must also understand the psychology of the customer and be able to find the key to their confidence – after all, everyone who visits a beauty treatment room is an exceptional human being.

Our team of beauty therapists is led by a massage professional

Laura Janušonienė, manager of Vytautas Mineral SPA, closely monitors her team's professional development. She has a Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and 15 years of practical and pedagogical experience at a higher education institution, where she teaches beauty therapists and physiotherapists about the basics of massage. She is the co-author of three textbooks and scientific publications.

In addition, she is a lecturer of classical, preventive-therapeutic and aesthetic massage at the Ispado Academy of Beauty and Wellness, a judge at the International Massage Championships and was the chief judge for the Lithuanian Spa Massage Championships. She has also prepared several winners of international massage championships for their competitions, some of whom work at Vytautas Mineral SPA.

According to Janušonienė, since Vytautas Mineral SPA employs very curious and talented specialists, special attention is paid to their professional development. Beauty therapists have expressed their desire to complete a 6-part continuing facial massage program to put the knowledge into practice – by helping alleviate a variety of ailments that hotel guests may have concerns about.  

“When they make an appointment with a beauty therapist, our guest has a prior expectation of what the sensations will be like during the procedure and what the outcome will be afterwards, while the massage therapist has a clear goal of solving the guest's well-being problem through massage. When this is achieved, it is considered a professional result. As a manager, my goal is to make the massage and other treatments as professional as possible and personalized to the customer with expert knowledge. Some guests, through habit or ignorance, purchase a standard massage technique service, for example chiromassage, but my long experience has shown that with a few individually tailored techniques it is easier to reach the desired goal. This is how the personal 90-minute spa facial and body massage therapy appeared on our menu,” says Janušonienė.  

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