ILA The Big Sleep cosmetics collection

2019-05-13  |  11-48

Let’s admit that we continue to think about work after a long day as our heads are occupied with a variety of thoughts that hinder our peaceful rest. ILA has developed a line of remedies called The Big Sleep for deep, peaceful slumber. These cosmetics are intended for a sleep ritual that begins with a bath.

ILA The Big Sleep bath salts with magnesium help the body to relax.

ILA The Big Sleep Drops with chamomile, medicinal shea, orange blossom and liquorice extracts have a somniferous and calming effect to help you sleep deeply.

ILA The Big Sleep Mist contains harmonising amethyst, soothing lavender, and happiness hormone-promoting jasmine extract. This combination provides you with relaxing and calming energy that helps to fight insomnia, relieves stress, and inspires you to dream day and night.

You can try and buy ILA The Big Sleep line products at Vytautas Mineral SPA!

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