Relaxing in Birštonas with children – how to enjoy your stay to the fullest

2019-11-05  |  17-47

A stress-free family stay in Birštonas while making the most of the spa, taking romantic walks and enjoying long, wonderful dinners – is it even impossible? What can you do to make a vacation with your children a holiday for the whole family? There are only three simple rules to follow.

Lodging for the night with children must be of high quality

In order for a family to have a quality holiday in Birštonas, it’s imperative that everyone has a good night's sleep. A hotel room equipped with high quality amenities and soundproofed exterior walls is a prerequisite for an uninterrupted night's rest. A cosy mini-suite fitted for family relaxation, a late wake-up ritual, a morning shower with mineralised Sofia spring water, and full-fledged meals three times per day at the Vytautas mineral SPA restaurant are a guaranteed to make a family stay in Birštonas a memorable experience.

A proper family rest in Birštonas includes entertainment for children

When choosing a hotel for a holiday with kids, it’s important to pay attention to the entertainment and activities options available to little ones, so that parents can spend some time alone. This is precisely why Vytautas Mineral SPA has a fully equipped children’s room: children are supervised free of charge by a hotel specialist who conducts educational activities and organises sports activities and workshops, and during the warm season children are able to enjoy outdoor activities. Older children are encouraged to play tennis, ride bikes or scooters in the Žvėrinčius Forest, and for an extra fee, they can play X-Box video games or draw in special coloured sand. 

To make your stay in Birštonas a great opportunity for your family to spend more time together, you can always find board games at the reception desk that can be played by the entire family.

Children and spa treatments are compatible

Resting in Birštonas should always include the pleasures of the spa. To make sure the whole family is able to relax and have fun, Vytautas mineral SPA is equipped with a sauna and pool complex for children, which ensure that parents can relax in the SPA area. Stress-relieving back massages, halotherapy and relaxing with a cup of fragrant herbal tea – all of this and more await parents in the spa area. A unique hotel library under a cupola-shaped sky dome will help you retain the peace of mind regenerated by spa treatments. In addition, the whole family will be able to participate in wellness exercises and water aerobics conducted in the gym and the swimming pool on a daily basis, and refresh with free mineral water from the Sofia spring afterwards.

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