Vytautas Mineral SPA Wins Four Awards at the international Perfect SPA Competition

2018-11-18  |  15-53

The seventh annual Perfect SPA Awards ceremony was recently held in Moscow where the best spa and wellness centres in the Baltic Region and Russia were recognised. Vytautas Mineral SPA’s team of experts was triumphant in four of the twelve categories. Laura Janušonienė, a lecturer, International Massage Championships judge and the spa centre’s Manager, celebrated victory in the Perfect SPA Manager category; Darius Dabrovolskas, Chef of Vytautas Mineral SPA’s MOON Restaurant, won in the Perfect Cuisine category; and Vytautas Mineral SPA was declared the absolute winner in the Perfect Resort SPA 2018 and Perfect SPA 2018 categories.

Fourteen different wellness and spa facilities from Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus participated in the competition, and Vytautas Mineral SPA, the ‘house of minerals’, advanced in the competition on both the national and international stages. Anonymous evaluators sent by competition organisers visited the participating facilities and evaluated a wide range of factors, including each facility’s infrastructure, staff professionalism, ingredients used in dishes, recipes and cooking techniques used, compliance of experts with regulations dictating proper massage and treatment techniques, and cosmetics used in each procedure.

“We have been very purposely and thoroughly preparing, primarily, not for competitions, but for the welcome and farewell of each guest in such a way as to leave an indelible and positive impression about Vytautas Mineral SPA, a unique house of minerals in the Baltic Region,” said Robertas Lukošius, Director General of Vytautas Mineral SPA. “Following this philosophy, we went into the competition with the confidence and knowledge that we offer the highest level of service and goods on a daily basis, so the competition was just about showing the best of what we do every day. We were pleasantly surprised to receive more awards than we expected, and this was a huge encouragement to pursue further improvements and stay ahead of the wellness and spa centres with more years of experience, both in Lithuania and in the huge neighbouring Eastern market.”

This is Vytautas Mineral SPA’s second victory at this competition over the two years of its existence. At the 2017 international Perfect SPA Competition, Darius Dabrovolskas, a member of the National Chefs Team and Chef of the MOON Restaurant, also received the Perfect Cuisine award, while Vytautas Mineral SPA received an award in the Perfect Design/Project category for its exclusive interior and exterior.

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