Rules for the swimming pool and sauna area


These internal rules for the swimming pool and sauna area (hereinafter the Rules) are mandatory for all guests of the Vytautas Mineral SPA swimming pool and sauna area, regardless of their age. Before visiting the swimming pool and sauna area, which is managed by UAB SPA Birštonas,  guests must carefully read these Rules and follow the instructions for using the swimming pools and saunas.

Guests must carry and present a valid identity document. Also, the guest must fill in a consent form at the spa reception desk, indicating their personal identification number and confirming that they are familiar with the Rules and undertake to comply with them. Guests may be subject to contractual liability for breach of the Rules.


  • Shoe covers must be worn over shoes to protect dressing rooms from outside dirt.
  • From 20:00, only guests over 12 years old can visit the swimming pool and sauna area.
  • The hotel staff have the right to politely ask parents/guardians that children under the age of 12 leave the pool and sauna area after 20:00.
  • Use the swimsuit dryer exactly as specified in the instruction manual.
  • Hang bathrobes and towels on the hooks made available for this purpose.
  • Leave used bathrobes and towels in the hampers located in the dressing rooms when leaving the pool.
  • Guests under the age of 18 are only allowed to enter the swimming pool and sauna area with accompanying adults.
  • Guests must leave their outerwear in the wardrobe on the ground floor at the hotel reception and other clothing in the dressing room (men’s or women’s dressing rooms).
  • Before visiting the pool and sauna area, guests must pay for the services at the spa reception.
  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances are prohibited from visiting the swimming pool and sauna area for their personal safety and that of other guests. The staff has the right to request that guests who are suspected of being intoxicated leave the pool and sauna area without a reimbursement of the paid entrance fee.
  • The staff shall not be responsible for any unsupervised children.
  • A disabled person, who, due to their state of health, requires the care of another person, may only visit the swimming pool when accompanied by the adult responsible for their care.

Guests in the pool and sauna area must:

  • Thoroughly wash themselves in the shower before and after visiting the pool, sauna or Jacuzzi.
  • After washing in the shower after visiting the pool or sauna, guests should dry themselves in the shower stall and only then go to the dressing room.
  • Wear swimwear.
  • Use footwear suitable for damp premises.
  • Before going to any sauna, become familiar with the rules of using the saunas.
  • Spread a towel on a lounger before lying down on it.
  • Immediately contact a swimming pool staff member if experiencing health issues.
  • In the event of fire, immediately leave the pool and sauna area following the instructions of the pool staff and evacuate in accordance with the evacuation plan of the pool and sauna area.
  • During the summer season, wash your feet and wear clean shoes after visiting the outdoor beach.

The following is prohibited in the swimming pool and sauna area:

  • Bringing and using personal cosmetics and hygiene products in the swimming pools and saunas (e.g., shaving and depilatory tools, masks, scrubs).
  • Using infusions, extracts, cosmetics and bath brooms (EUR 50 fine).
  • Moving chairs, loungers, or tables.
  • Bringing drinks or food (EUR 50 fine).
  • Spitting on the floor or into the water (EUR 50 fine).
  • Pouring various liquids into the pools or placing dirty objects in the water (EUR 100 fine).
  • Smoking (EUR 50 fine).
  • Bringing glass containers.
  • Jumping into the water from the edge of the pool, running, climbing, making excessive noise, falsely calling for help, ignoring the warnings of the pool supervisor (EUR 50 fine).
  • Swimming in a disorderly manner, interfering with other visitors.
  • For children under 3 years of age, going in the swimming pool without diapers specially designed for use in water (the enterprise reserves the right to impose a fine or to demand compensation for damage caused by the disruption of work and cleaning of the pool).
  • Littering, urinating, defecating or otherwise polluting the water, dressing rooms and other areas of pools and baths (EUR 150-250 fine).
  • Chewing gum.
  • Bringing ice cubes from the cool-down area to the pool and bath, or throwing them at each other.
  • Visiting the area while ill with infectious, viral or other contagious diseases, or with open wounds and/or other medical conditions that may endanger the health and/or lives of other visitors.
  • Bringing animals.
  • Swimming/climbing into a vertical pool without the supervision of a kinesitherapist.
  • Taking baby carriages to the pool and sauna area.
  • Occupying loungers and armchairs by leaving bathrobes and towels (for more than 20 minutes). The staff has the right to remove and hang them on the towel hooks.
  • A guest who causes damage to the property of Vytautas Mineral SPA, or the property or health of other guests, shall be liable according to the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Parents or guardians shall be liable for damage caused by minors or people with disabilities.
  • Guest who fail to comply with these internal rules may be warned or asked to leave the swimming pool and sauna area immediately, as well as be fined or permanently banned from visiting the swimming pools and sauna area.



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