The elixir of vitality created by nature

The Sofia source, which is located in the vicinity of Vytautas Mineral SPA, was discovered in Birštonas back in 1960. The source features as many as 70 different mineral elements. In terms of its beneficial properties, the water derived from this source is comparable to that of the Dead Sea. This elixir promoting health, youth and vitality was created by nature itself.

Mineral water has been extracted at Birštonas since 1924. Today, this mineral water takes the name Vytautas to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Vytautas Magnus, a former Grand Duke of Lithuania. Sofia, the name of Vytautas Mineral SPA’s source, also comes from history: Sofia was the only daughter of Vytautas Magnus.

Inspiring positive changes

Thanks to the unique properties of the Sofia source’s water, even a couple of days spent at our spa facility – where Sofia’s mineral water will accompany you every step of your stay – will help you regain your peace of mind and physical strength, and have you feeling relaxed and in harmony with yourself and the world. You will also be more productive when you return to your usual lifestyle.

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