Physical activity area

Regular physical activity is directly linked to a safer, healthier and longer life.

Engaging in physical activity stimulates the growth of your bones and muscles, helps maintain/restore proper posture, develops movement coordination and balance, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and has a positive effect on the respiratory system and the functioning of the digestive system. In addition, better health and resilience of the body improves your emotional state and increases self-confidence. So that you don’t have to give up your daily routine while relaxing at Vytautas Mineral SPA and can still enjoy working out, we invite you to exercise in the physical activity area.
The gym is designed for intense calorie-burning cardio, body-firming strength and muscle tone-improving training.
The physiotherapy room is designed for internal muscle training that strengthens the body and promotes a feeling of well-being.

Feel free to exercise individually in the gym or book training sessions with physiotherapists.

Furthermore, we invite our hotel guests to join our group workouts, including training in the pool and in the open air.

9:00 – 9:30 morning pool workout

This exercise lasts 30 minutes. This low-to-medium intensity workout in warm water will help you wake up, move your joints, stretch your back and start the day feeling energetic. This workout is suitable not only for keen athletes but also for those who exercise less often, as well as for senior guests.

17:00-17:45 Walking with hiking poles - exploring nature through the trails of the Birštonas forest.

Living in cities, we have less contact with nature, which previous generations enjoyed. As we know, nature positively affects mental and physical development. It's highly recommended to take time and simply go outside, into nature, and observe and enjoy natural phenomena.

People who had the opportunity to spend more time in nature while growing up feel healthier, happier, and wiser. It's proven that children who play in nature, unafraid of falling or getting dirty, develop resilience to their environment, build confidence, creativity, become more independent, and are less likely to experience behavioral disorders or depression.

During the warmer months, we invite our guests to free comprehensive workouts, combined with Nordic walking and spending time in nature.

This 45-minute active workout, led by our professional physiotherapists, will activate your whole body, allow you to focus on yourself, and reconnect with nature. It's the foundation of our good health and the most natural way to overcome stress and anxiety.

  • Advance reservation at the hotel reception is necessary for this workout.
  • Participants are invited to gather in the hotel lobby at 16:55.
  • We recommend guests to wear comfortable leisure clothing and footwear.
  • In case of bad weather, the workout will take place in the M16 physical activity room.
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