Relaxation in Birštonas for two - regain your passion and inner peace

2019-11-29  |  15-13

Relaxation in Birštonas for two - regain your passion and inner peace

A weekend at Vytautas Mineral SPA Hotel in Birštonas is a salvation for a couple exhausted by daily stress, routine, and boredom, when you no longer need to take care of the household and your attention can be focused on each other and on enjoying a period of quality rest. This will not only allow the body to relax but provide the opportunity to look at your significant other with a new kind of passion. 

We would be happy to organized a weekend relaxation for two at our spa, which includes access to the swimming pool, various wellness programs, nutritionally balanced mineral-rich food from the restaurant, and precious minutes for two. 

The goal of a weekend in Birštonas for two is to spend time with each other

Did you know that the recipe for being a successful couple is as simple as a hug and a kiss? Half a minute of kissing releases the passion hormone oxytocin, which makes us feel special towards our significant other. The same chemical is released in the body when the couple just lays next to each other – all you need is a cuddle while sleeping. It is important that this kind of serenity is undisturbed by noise. 

A hotel room equipped with soundproofing and quality materials is a must in order to ensure uninterrupted and peaceful relaxation. Superior double room, adapted for romantic surprises, late wake-up rituals, a morning shower with mineralized spring water from the Sofija spring, and a healthy and hearty breakfast at Vytautas Mineral SPA’s restaurant is the perfect "restart" for any relationship.

Exercising together calms thoughts and improves relationships

It is widely known that during exercise, the hormones of happiness, endorphins, are released, which improve mood and our opinion of ourselves. After exercising, you become flooded with euphoria, which is a great way to combat anxiety and depression and reduce stress. Various studies show that active partners who exercise together are more satisfied with each other and become more excited from each other's touch.

Rest in Birštonas for two is a great medicine because Vytautas mineral SPA’s fitness area is designed to strengthen the body and emotional ties. Exercise at the gym or pool, water aerobics, blushing cheeks, and supportive gazes will also encourage your passion for each another. 

Afterwards, it is recommended to refresh yourself with mineral water from the buvette in the lobby of the spa. The rest for two at the resort is just beginning.

Less time for technology – more time for each other

We spend nearly three hours a day on average on our mobile devices and spend more than an hour on social networks. On average, we turn on our devices to check for news almost every six minutes, even during romantic dates. 

A rest for two is a rest only for two. No social networks or work are to be brought into the resort. Various studies show that frequent use of phones and computers worsens relations with a partner. 

Vytautas Mineral SPA invites you to accept the challenge and participate in the Offline program – you will have to leave your phone and other communication devices at the reception when you arrive at the spa. Phones will be kept safe for the entire stay period, and in return you will be able to dive into a FLOW state, enjoy massages, imbue your body with Sofija spring minerals, and discover inner harmony and each another again. 

The Offline program is a social initiative of Vytautas Mineral SPA, the aim of which is to provide the guests arriving at the hotel with a quality rest that allows them to stay with themselves, their thoughts, and their loved ones and leave mobile devices behind, even if for just a little while.

Couples enjoy all the benefits of the spa together

Can you even imagine your rest in Birštonas without spa pleasures? Accommodation in Birštonas with the spa and breakfast included is just the beginning. The pools and saunas area of Vytautas Mineral SPA is a real respite for both body and soul. Here, rest for two will begin with a relaxing back massage, halotherapy, and a minute with yourself in the relaxation space with a cup of fragrant, healing herbal tea. 

The Offline program is a balanced program for those who are longing for rest and peace, who want to pamper themselves and supplement their body with Sofija spring minerals. These minerals are special, created by nature in such an ionized form that they are absorbed directly at the cellular level. These active minerals saturate your body as much as is necessary – during procedures, while relaxing in swimming pools and baths, while enjoying healthy and tasty food, or while drinking mineral water. In fact, it seems that minerals are even the air, ready to be breathed in.

The unique Vytautas Mineral SPA cupola-shaped reading room under the vault of the sky will help to maintain the calmness attained from the spa procedures. Rest in Birštonas for two – a great way to regain passion and peace.

Who said that rest in Lithuania in winter must be boring?

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