Vytautas Mineral SPA restaurant

This restaurant offers a buffet catering system, and most of the dishes here are cooked using mineralised water. This is certainly one of the best buffet restaurants in Lithuania. It is headed by Darius Dabrovolskas, who is a renowned member of Lithuania’s national chef team. The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of salads and steamed dishes, as well as a selection of food for people with allergies and intolerances to certain ingredients. 

The chef and the Vytautas Mineral SPA team select premium-quality ingredients and the healthiest produce from local farmers, use minerals at all stages of meal preparation, and offer delicious food to guests. The products are enriched with minerals from the Sofia source – this is a unique feature of the meals offered by the Vytautas Mineral SPA restaurants. These minerals have a beneficial effect on your body. All our meals are prepared based on traditional wisdom and the latest food-related health findings.

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